Thursday, October 17, 2013

Analisse Knows English Better Than Me

We had just arrived home from grocery shopping.  The kids were helping bring the groceries in and, as she is wont to do, Analisse (3) decided to shed her shoes and run outside on the cold and wet sidewalk.  All she wanted to do was help me as long as I kept walking back and forth, from the door to the car, car to the door, bringing load after load of groceries into the house.

We walked up the the door for the last time and I leaned down and said, "Ani, make sure you wipe your feet.  It's wet out here."

"Noooo, Daddy!  I have fwip fwops on!"

"I know, Freak, but you still have to wipe your feet.  I don't want you tracking mud into the house."

"No!  Not my feet.  I have fwip fwops on!"

[Me (33), pausing in confused silence, wondering what to say next.]

"Oh!  Right...Ani, make sure you wipe your fwip fwops off."

"Yeah, Daddy.  Fwip fwops."

And she happily wiped her feet and ran off.

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