Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm Either a Moron or Impatient

We bought our home in January of 2011.  That summer, we discovered an apple tree in the backyard, which produced more bushels of apples than three regular apple trees.  The old owner came over and told us it was a Macintosh tree and only produced green apples.

So, we harvested them for two summers.  All green apples.  We made sauce, pies, crisp - everything that asked for a tart apple.  But they made for terrible munching.

Until this year.

I got lazy.  No, WE got lazy.  We picked a few bushels, froze them, and gave the rest away.  Then, we had no time to pick the rest.  We watched the remaining apples get redder and redder and I groaned inside, knowing all that rotting fruit was being wasted.  But, oddly, they were getting bigger.

Ready to see what was up, I walked out to the tree today, and picked a large round red apple. It was perfect.  I spun it around in my hand and realized I was staring at the world's most perfect Haralson.

I bit into it.  It crunched, the peel split away naturally, and the juice squirted into my mouth.  Chewing the bite, I raced into the house, surprising the company that had just arrived, and yelled at Kristine about my discovery, to which she said,

"Honey, I've been telling you that for two years!"


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