Saturday, October 19, 2013

Banana Bread Bake-Off: I Lost...I Think

The bake-off is done.

First of all, I'm not sure I lost.  The kids are still waffling.  Not only that, but BOTH loaves are obliterated.  Nothing but crumbs are left and Luna, the dog, is finishing even those off.

Renaya (11) decided pretty quickly that Kristine's bread was the best.  She said it was due to Mommy's being crunchy on top.  This is shocking to me, being that it takes a chainsaw to get through my crust of raw sugar.

Mommy: 1
Daddy: .5 (she is sadly mistaken, I'm afraid)

Laura (10) voted on Kristine's right off the bat and weighted the winnings to her side.  Then, later, she recanted, saying she liked both.  But, it was quite a wavering recantment.

Mommy: 2
Daddy: 1

Frederic (8): Liked both.  Never changed.  He just liked both.

Mommy: 3
Daddy: 2

Felicity (6) actually liked mine to begin with, then flipped, saying in the end that she hated mine.  I get half a point for her first vote.  But I'll give Kristine an additional .25 points for Felicity's vociferous despising of my bread in the end.

Mommy: 4.25
Daddy: 2.5

(yes...I'm losing...but then there's Jack)

Jack (4) refused to eat Kristine's bread.  He ate piece after piece of mine and NEVER wanted Mommy's at all.  I get 2 points for that strong vote.

Mommy: 4.25
Daddy: 4.5

Analisse (3) didn't cared and happily ate both.

Mommy: 5.25
Daddy: 5.5

Mommy (31) said mine was too spicy (I don't measure the spices), loved my crust, and yet liked her flavor better.

Mommy: 6.25
Daddy: 5.5

And then, there's me (33).  Well...I have to hand it to her, she did good.  In the spirit of compromise, which the U. S. Congress has no idea what that word means, I must say, her flavor and texture was better.  Once you got past the little chunks of baking soda and the lack of raw sugar crust on the top, no hint of spices, and no vanilla flavor, it was still better.

Mommy: 7.25
Daddy: 5.5

We did decide in the end to mix the two and make a killer batch.  That recipe will be forthcoming.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon. :)