Friday, May 1, 2015

Don't Forget to Check the Oil

I despise checking the oil in my car. Hate it with a passion. Hell, my microwave can work for fifty years without me doing anything but cleaning it. 

But checking it I must. Oil gets all nasty. Crap gets in it. It goes from delicious brown to black. And that's the extent of my knowledge of oil.

But really, this post isn't about oil. It's about relationships.

I was talking to a dear friend today.

"I'm about to ask my husband a very hard question," she said.


"Yes. I want to know if he still wants to be with me."


Yes, good. She's fearful of the answer she'll get, and yet, it is a wonderful question to ask.

I recently wrote a post of how religion has the potential to lull you into an understanding of your lover from an external point of view, and yet there is something even more insidious in long term relationships - time and familiarity.

Just stop. You new lovers...I'm not buying it.

"This won't happen to us! We're so in love! When we mash our lips together and drool into each other's mouths, the McDonald's sandwich we still have in our teeth from lunch - six hours ago - provides a spicy mix of onion and saliva. It just turns us both on so much!"


Anyway, just ask. You'll be glad you did - or maybe you'll learn that you should have, a long time ago. Maybe you'll discover the answer and it will cause you to grieve. Maybe you'll both learn new things about each other. Maybe you'll discover that, for years, you've been ships, passing in the night. Maybe....anything. Just check the oil.

Warning: Don't be like me and keep asking. Checking your oil every day is bloody pointless - and the car's hood (bonnet) might one day, fall on your head.

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