Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Please Help Brianne Buy An Ergonomic Chair - $178.00

From time to time, I ask my readers to help me buy things for people. In the past, we successfully purchased a lawnmower for Darcy, an ex-fundamentalist, struggling in rural Montana, raised more money for Darcy, when her husband was in a severe car accident, made note of a new book, written by Katy-Anne, to help her with funds for her fledgling family, as well as varied other campaigns to help normal people with living expenses, and even a sweatshirt hoodie for a single mom.

Now, I'm asking for donations for another individual. $178.00 to be exact. I want to get her an ergonomic chair. The description of the campaign is below:

Brianne is a single mother, working full time, and is in chronic pain, currently undergoing copious medical testing to arrive at a diagnosis.  
The company she works for has finally given her the go-ahead to work from home, and yet has not provided much in the way of ergonomic comfort for her condition.
She cannot change jobs, due to the need to maintain medical insurance.  
Currently, Brianne is working from her kitchen, sitting on a wooden chair for eight solid hours a day. Obviously, this would end up hurting any normal person, but, for Brianne and her chronic pain, it hurts even more. 
All I am asking is to contribute enough to purchase a very good ergonomic chair, including shipping. I found one on for $160 + $17.99 shipping. It was originally over $400, so is good quality. 
Please help one person feel better.
Please donate here.


I. C.  

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