Friday, May 22, 2015

Garlic Cheerios, The Snack of the Future

The kids were hungry. 

Luckily, Costco recently had a sale on Cheerios, selling them for almost $1.50 for a family size box. I had grabbed the maximum amount (8 boxes) and thus had enough cereal for a few days of six kids' appetites.

But it was supper time and I was tired. I needed something quick to allay their hunger enough so I could prepare more courses for dinner over the next few hours. Moving slow is my MO.

I grabbed a frying pan and dumped about a cup of olive oil in the bottom of it, pouring half a box of Cheerios over the top. Then, I turned the fire on high and slithered and slathered those delicious round nuggets of goodness, until their surface was covered in the pungent oil.

As they heated up, I shook garlic powder on them. Stirred. Then seasoned salt. Stirred. Then freshly ground pepper (a dash). Stirred. Then more garlic powder and more stirring.

The oat morsels began to brown and sizzle. The house filled with the scent of garlicky goodness.

I took it off the heat, dumped it in a bowl, and called the kids into the dining room.

Five minutes later, I made garlic Cheerios out of the rest of the box. And that was supper.


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