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Society is Heading for Destruction because Women are in Charge - Page 4

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Jesse finally gets to some Bible to prove his point - sort of:

"This is why God said, 'Seek first the kingdom of God, his right way, and all will be added.  Don't worry about what you're going to wear, what you're gonna eat, where you're gonna live, where your friend is, you know.  You gotta be carin' about the truth more than anything else and he'll take care of you.'" (6:00)

I didn't say it, so stop looking at me to explain that sort of Scripture reference.  I have absolutely no idea how it applies.  I don't.  It makes no sense at all.  And guess what, it's all the Bible Petersen uses in this speech.  Every last bit of it.  This is all the Biblical proof to his hatred of women that he can muster.  Wow.  Let's move on.  He works really hard to try and explain his point here.

"Because God knew that the world would have control over these things.  They would use it to intimidate you because they don't have good on their side.  So they have to use physical things to control you.  And if you're not of God, you will allow yourself to be controlled with physical things.  The fear of losing something material.  A friend or family member, a house or car or job." (6:20)

What?!  So, if we let women lead, they take away our houses, our cars, our families.  Yeah, I'm scared.  I don't want that to happen.  The obvious conclusion would be to agree with Petersen.  But wait, look around you.  Have you lost your house, your car, a family member, because evil women were in charge? 

Kristine was telling me about the Aztecs of old who worshiped the sun god.  They believed that this god was always warring with the stars and the moon in order to rise every morning.  The sun god needed the blood of humans in order to provide him with power to win the nightly war.  Thus thousands upon thousands of innocent people met their sacrificial deaths.  What if one person, just one, had stood up and said, "Yo homeys!  I've given it a bit of thought.  It appears the sun pretty much comes up at the same general time every morning and goes down to the same tune.  Let's try not killin' for a day.  Maybe we're wrong."  It's probably good he didn't.  He'd be the next sacrifice.

But we need not worry.  Telling this man he is wrong will not get us killed. 

"And it's happening because Christians are not connected to truth - not all, but most, are not connected to God.  They are only Christian in namesake." (6:43)

Only the few REAL Christians get it.  They know the truth because they're connected to God.  Also, Petersen tosses in the "not all".  Some Christianity this guy portrays.  He stands on God's truth, unless something contradicts it, then he throws in the "not all" clause so he can wriggle out of a tight spot.  Anytime you are proven wrong in something you stand on, stop falling back on clauses and revisit your perceived truth.  More than likely, it isn't truth at all, but simply a fear or prejudice.

"A whole generation of little girls is into this.  They think it's right and don't think it's wrong." (6:58)

But boys are perfect.

"We going to have hell to pay in America. And the parents are not going to get away from this.  You going to suffer for allowing your children to be turned over to the world like this.  Don't think you're going to get away from this.  You won't.  Nothing good is going to come of this." (7:00)

More fear.  Parents, it's your fault.  You will suffer for your children's sins.  Wait, wouldn't it just be the moms?  Yes, he covers that later after telling us an endearing story about his grandmammy.

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