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Society is Heading for Destruction because Women are in Charge - Page 5

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Jesse Lee Petersen keeps talking:

"Another big thing - I think I might have mentioned this before - is to put women in power, these positions, these businesses and jobs, because they can't handle the stress.  They can't handle anything. You walk up to them with an issue, they freak out right away.  Especially if they can't get the problem handled right away.  I've seen them go nuts at airports, at post offices, everywhere." (7:30)

And now we know.  Jesse Petersen saw a woman or two throw a fit and decided for himself that all women are emotional wrecks.  Interesting.  Speaking of post offices, exactly 100% of those who "went postal" and murdered their co-workers or bosses, were men.  But, let's dispense with the stupid examples.  Petersen plays his hand here that he is simply a clueless sexist.  He hates women and thus thinks his god hates them too.

But wait.  Let's see why women do this, according to Jesse.

"They have no patience because it's not in their nature.  They have no love.  They don't have love." (7:40)

Huh?  Really?  Come on!  Even the casual observer should be walking away shaking their head.  Women have no patience?  No love?  Hang on for a second.

Mwahahahahhahahahahahhaa!!!  Bwahahahaahahah!   Tee hee hee hee!  ROTFLOL! (literally).  LOLLOLLOOOL.  And, in a  shout out to my friend Wendy Blake, HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAAHAHA!!!

Okay.  Got the laugh out of the way.  That's the only response this idiot needs.  Women don't have love?  Patience?  Wow.  And men do.  Unbelievable.

And the proof to back it up Sir Jesse?

"And women who know that I'm right, you gotta speak up about this.  You're going to have to stand alone because you won't find a bunch of people that will agree with you.  But God is with you.  Satan is having his way.  And the way things are going, it's going to end in destruction." (7:54)

Oh.  His proof is that he says it so it's right.  Of course.

"It's not like good is happenin'.  Evil happenin'.  You see what evil do to you when you're just allowed to do what you want.  This is bad folks, what's happening." (8:25)

What does that have to do with women and evil?  Don't both men and women have the ability to do what they want and many do naughty stuff?  Or, are men perfect when allowed to do anything they want?  Who is going to disallow them their freedom? 

Not only does Jesse Lee Petersen hate women, he also despises freedom.

And now, we get to the meat of the problem.  I'm sorry that it took this moron almost 8.5 minutes to get us there, but he finally did.  So, Jesse, why is it that our nation is on the path to destruction?  What have women done that has shown us that they are evil?

"I think that one of the greatest mistakes that America made, was to allow women the opportunity to vote.  We should have never turned it over to women." (8:29)

Yep.  Women being allowed to vote is the problem.  Damn women.  The minute we allowed them to vote, we turned the country over to them.  My god!  Why did we do that?!  Everything was so perfect before their stupid hands got into the voting booth!  This argument is so stupid at face value, mere sarcasm will do the trick to refute it.

"Right now, 50% of the voting population are women.  Did you know that?  There are more women that are voting than men out there now, because there are more women than men." (8:56)

Wait.  What?  Oh no.  This isn't good.  A man, Jesse, that sits at the same table as other, more reputable pundits, runs an organization that supposedly helps people and has high standards, claims that he has truth and does not lie, cannot add.  Let me help him.

50% + 50% = 100%.  If the voting population is 50% women, how can there be more women than men?

And what solution?  Genocide?  Should we reduce the population of women severely so we can control them?  No.  That wouldn't work.  We would have more homosexuals - well, maybe not.  Women in power have given us homosexuality, thus we wouldn't have them.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  mass murder of women.

Why Jesse?  Why should women not be allowed to vote?

"And these women are voting in the wrong people.  They are voting in people that are evil.  That are voting this way, that will take us down this path of destruction.  And this probably was the reason why they didn't allow women to vote when men were men.  Men in the good ole' days understood the nature of the woman.  They were not afraid to deal with it.  They understood that, if you let them take over, this is what would happen." (9:09)

If only men were the only ones allowed to vote, we would vote in the right people.  Damn women.

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