Saturday, May 5, 2012

Society is Heading for Destruction because Women are in Charge - Page 6

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Jesse Lee Petersen starts off with a sweet story of his grandmammy.

"I remember when my grandmother would do stupid stuff and I would talk to my granddaddy about it and he would say, "Yeah, you're grandmother crazy!  Every woman is crazy."  And he would straighten the situation out for us." (9:40)

So, Jesse's grandpappy said women were crazy.  That's good enough for him.

"But you can't go to dad and tell him about mom and stuff, because dad is afraid of mom.  He won't deal with her." (9:50)

There you go dads.  Remember when Petersen said that you would be held accountable for your little girls going off and killing babies, controlling men, and doing what they wanted, due to the freedom we enjoy as a society?  Remember how he said that you better worry?  The fear he tried to instill in you?  Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  It's not your fault.  You can't do anything about it because your wife controls you.  Sorry sap.

"It's so unfortunate, but this is how evil is coming in.  It's coming through the woman.  it really is and I know y'all don't want to hear it, but it's the truth so help me." (10:00)

Evil does not come through men.  It's the truth.  He says so.

"If you doubt me, all you have to do is open up your eyes and see it for yourself.  It's not hard to see anymore.  Look at every place that women is in control - maybe not all, not all, but most - and you see nothing but confusion.  There is no good in it all all.  None." (10:10)

Don't quote me on this but, with the recent financial crisis and the lost decade we are currently living in, were any women in charge of the banks and Wall Street firms that caused it to happen?  Frankly, I think that the fact that women haven't been in positions of leadership in government and business historically, this effectively shields them from Jesse's ignorant argument.  But, it isn't the case that men are the problem either.  Whenever there is a failure or a mistake, it's because people were human and they did it.  It has nothing to do with their sex.  Nothing.

"This is how homosexuality came to the forefront.  Now they have this gay marriage thing coming to the forefront.  I want you to wake up.  I think somebody said we going to be hiding behind rocks.  We're losing our right to bear arms, our freedom of speech.  They shut you down from freedom of speech." (10:30)

Huh?  Really?  Women are causing us to lose these freedoms?  Wait, Jesse, aren't you saying stuff against these women right now?  You still have freedom of speech.  Also, these evil women have freedom of speech too, right?  They can say whatever they want and it's alright, right? 

"And freedom of speech only means freedom to speak truth." (10:55)

Ah.  I get it.  And I guess you hold the true truth, right?  Yep.

"If you're speaking the truth, they're going to shut you down.  But if you go along with it - lie about it - speaking lies, then your freedom is fine.  Don't worry about your freedom.  And it's happening.  It looks like it can't be stopped.  Because women are in a position of power.  You can look at their homes, you can look at their businesses, their communities, their schools - wherever women are taking over, evil reigns."

And that's it.  His "sermon" ends.  No proof, nothing. He says to look around me.  Well, I see a finely run home by my beautiful wife.  I see her running circles around male students and professors.  I work for a company that has more women in departmental leadership (including a rock star of a General Manager) than men.  I see cities with women mayors, states with female governors, countries with women leaders.  Businesses run by women are very successful.  Go ahead and replace "women" with "men" in the paragraph and everything still applies.  All institutions of society can be run by the most qualified individuals - regardless of what gender they are.

I gladly stand behind a woman.


  1. I am astounded by the intestinal fortitude you had to watch that whole fear-mongering, hate-spewing, venomous tirade. Good for you for shining the light of simple reality to this dark underbelly (no, not a racist adjective, reflective instead of things hidden and unnoticed) of American politics/religion.

  2. I wish you had made this one page, or madethepages open in the same tab/window, because it was annoying, but great post!!!

  3. I'd kinda like to know his back story; his psychological history. NOT to excuse this in any way. It just seems like something had to have happened to get him to the place where this rambling was an ok thing to do. Or maybe I'm trying to understand something for which there is no understanding. I don't know.

  4. If you knew more about domestic violence/abuse, it would make perfect sense. What this grandfather was doing (when saying his wife, indeed all women,are crazy) was emotionally abusing his spouse, and passing on misogyny as a family value. and tabs for "emotional abuse" "humiliation" and "male privilege"

  5. Shadowspring is dead on...this is a classic example of emotional abuse. Apparently, his grandfather taught him well, since he's continuing that "wonderful" family legacy.