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Society is Heading for Destruction because Women are in Charge - Page 3

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Jesse Lee Petersen then says:

"All these women having sex out of wedlock.  Women would not have done this in the good ole' days.  There would have been a sense of shame about it." (3:40)

Are the women having sex with women out of wedlock?  Or, do they have sex with men?  As Petersen later reveals, gay marriage and homosexuality are also the fault of women, he must be talking about women having sex with men outside of marriage.  Since this is the case, who is having sex with whom?  Are the men laying there as uninterested parties?  Do the women force the man to have sex with them at knife-point?  Do they drug the men and then carnally use them?

Jesse seems to miss a simple fact.  Having sex between a man and a woman actually take a MAN and a woman.  So, if this is the case and he is berating sexual perversion in society, why the hell does he lay it all at the feet of a woman!?  This is ludicrous and should be treated with disrespect.  This is pretty typical in the religious community that preaches modesty though.  Men are victims of slutty women who flash their goods.  We, as men, have no choice but to lay down and take it.  It's laughable.

And what of the good ole' days?  The days where we bought and sold wives?  The days where a woman was essentially a property transfer to enrich the father of the bride?  The days when there were no shelters available for abused women?  The days when people who didn't want large families, were ridiculed, no, publicly shamed, for merely asking for birth control?  It is that shame that forces a teen girl who has had sex, maybe even date-raped, to refuse to talk to her parents about it for fear of being ostracized, thus having an unwanted baby, then being ridiculed by all facets of society - parents, government, community, etc.

"How did we get to a point where women think that we should pay for them to have sex?" (4:15)  "I haven't heard men ask us to pay for stuff they use."  (4:55)

I don't even need to respond to that.  The stupid is dripping from his mouth.  This man hates women.

"They use one word to get us to shut-up: Women." (5:10)

If they say "men", should we keep talking?  What is so bad about women?  Really, what does Jesse Lee Petersen have against women?

"It's unfortunate that men are so weak that they allow these women to just run wild, and screw up everything, including their souls, and their children.  And if you speak up about it, Satan got it set up, through the women, that you're going to be punished in some way." (5:40)

Throw in Satan for good measure, with nothing to back it up and you have a Christian case.  No proof, no nothing.  Petersen has nothing.  We can see it.  Why is his congregation not chasing him from the pulpit with pitchforks - the men leading the way.  This would be one time that I would say a woman should NOT be in charge.  A man needs to step up and throw this guy out of the church and out of any organization this man is a part of or in charge of.  He needs to apologize to 50% of the population.

If you continue with his logic, Satan does not work through men.

On Page 4, we'll take a look at the only Scripture Petersen uses.  And it's pathetic.  It makes absolutely no sense.  Watching this man is like watching a drug addict have a breakdown while in rehab.

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