Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Brilliantly Written Argument for Food Aid for the Working Poor

Melissa nails it.

Because you know, if you look too nice that means you don’t need food stamps, and if you look too sloppy that means you don’t deserve them.
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  1. If you need it, you need it.....

    Sometimes, honest ward working people find themselves in a bind, and have to apply for aid, my family was denied for food aid when I was a kid, but I was on Medicaid until I was 19. My father was an industrial mechanic, and when I was 14, he had to give up on working because of mental health and neurological issues. He didn't like not being able to work anymore, it sunk him into a deep depression for 2 years, we could hardly even convince him to eat.

    You never know the situation behind someone who is on government aid, and people shouldn't be so quick to assume. My dad ended up getting Social Security, and we did OK, finances were rather stretched the first few years, but he's doing quite well now, they were always savers, and unlike most people, he actually had the house paid for by that time, and had few bills.

    If people are so opposed to food stamps, why not campaign for massive tax cuts for the working poor, so they can buy it themselves, without having to deal with government bureaucracy and judgmental people hounding them?

  2. I'm not going to comment over there cause that looks like a rough crowd.

    I work in social services and we see both. We see the working poor who are trying their best to make it AND the ones who use the system to feed their addictions and neglect their kids.

    There is a big difference.

    In spite of what was written over on Permission to Live, those of us who work in my department respect those who are trying their best but keep getting their feet knocked out from under them. Those ARE the ones that the aid if for.

    It's the ones we see who think they are smarter than everyone else, who manipulate and lie and think that they can take care of their children while coddling their addiction. They are mad at everyone and think everybody is out to get them because they won't just leave them alone and let them have their children (that they DON'T take care of) so they can have more government support so they have more money to feed their addiction.

    So, my best to Melissa over at Permission to Live. I'm glad she has the support her family needs so they can get back on their feed.
    I'm sorry she gets lumped in with people who use government support wrongly.
    I wish I had answers on how to improve the system because we really shouldn't be financing the drug culture. (though I'm not opposed to using government funds to help people actually fight the addiction) and there should be MORE money available for the working poor rather than allowing it to go down the rat hole of addiction (where much of it IS going).

    1. Having run a daycare for a year in a heavy meth community, I know exactly what you are talking about.

    2. I see it too, Mara and IC, I live a town that's become overrun with heroin and codeine addicts.