Friday, August 10, 2012

The Best Prank Ever!

Ok.  I might be a bit biased.  Why?  Because I did this prank and, when finished and successful, I was very proud of myself.

Anyway, let's set the scene.

If you're familiar with Mt. Evans in Colorado, you'll know that it has the highest paved road in North America.  We were driving it with a Chevy Tahoe which, closer to the top, is about as wide as three-fourths of the two lane road.  At points on the road, their is no shoulder and yet there is a 350 foot sheer drop to a semblance of a slope, then thousands of feet more, straight down.

Kristine was to drive up and I was to drive down.  Going up, my feet began to sweat and they soaked my shoes.  My hands were cold and shaking.  My face, whiter than the snow still at the top.

We made it.

Then, I began the slow drive down.  I was very confident in my abilities and yet cognizant of the precious cargo of my beautiful bride and six young children behind me.  So, I drove slow.  At one point, Kristine pointed out that I had driven dangerously close to the edge so I straddled the yellow line in the middle a little better.

Bear in mind that Kristine loves to look at maps.  It is a passion with her.  Everywhere we go, she has her nose buried in it.

At one curve, the land leveled out rather than dropped off on the shoulder.  Kristine turned her head to study the map just prior to this flat grade.

I saw my opportunity and grabbed it.  I let the right wheels go off the road and hit the wide gravel pad while at the same time yelling "OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Kristine jerked her head up and turned blanket white.

I guffawed.

Yep.  Best prank ever.



  1. I assume you've seen this one:

  2. I am astonished that you are still alive after that.

  3. You are an evil, evil man. You will never drive any vehicle I own. Ever.