Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation Through the Eyes of Analisse (2) - Part 1

Mommy and Daddy are packing the car.  All I want is something to drink and eat.  I'm sucking on this pacifier, which I love dearly, trying to dodge their feet as they walk in and out of the house.  Ouch!  The door bumped me in the back of the head.  Maybe if I scream loud enough, they'll stop ignoring me or yelling at Naya to watch me and maybe pick me up once.  Tugging on Mommy's pants is doing nothing.

Yep.  That worked.  More itchy kisses from Daddy.  Feels good to be in his arms.

Now, were driving. 

We're still driving. 

Time to sleep.  WHERE'S MY PACIFIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah.  Screaming worked.  Time to sleep.

What?  Only five minutes of sleep and their waking me up, stuffing food in my face.  No!  I don't want food!  I'll just whine and scream and...PACIFIER!  WHERE DID IT GO!!!!!

Oh good.  Daddy's yelling from the front of the van at the top of his lungs to give me my pacifier.  Ah...there it is.  Time to sleep again. I'm being carried into a house.  Wha...!  This isn't my house.  That means my bed isn't here!  Oh no! 

Oh wait...this bed isn't half so bad.  Plenty of blankets too.  Daddy even gave me an extra pacifier.  No matter.  I'll sleep in my bed tomorrow. be continued in Part 2

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  1. Love It! Keeping us connected with what they are feeling makes for a good parent.