Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation Through the Eyes of Analisse (2) - Part 3

That was a good breakfast.  Lots is happening around here now.  Mommy and Daddy are talking to everyone like they're old friends.  The other kids are all playing together.  Fights are rising and falling in the basement.  Hope they don't mess up my bed...wait...I won't be needing it anymore.  I'll sleep in my own bed tonight.

Wait.  Daddy!  Stop!  I hate it when you wash my face.  No!  Stop.  AHHHHHHH!!!!!   Stop!  Stop it now!  Crap...this always happens when I eat pancakes.  Why???! 

Good.  He stopped.  I'll yell louder and squirm more next time.  Maybe he'll quit sooner.


I'm being picked up all morning.  This is great.  Kids, that woman, that strong man, Mommy, Daddy.  Wait!  A deck to walk on.  Daddy, let's go.  Maybe if I grab his hand and pull him...yep...that worked.

Let's go down the stairs.  Ok, now up.  Now down.  Now up.  This is fun!  I even have my pacifier.  Now, let's go back down.  Why are you picking me up Daddy?  Ah...itchy kisses again.  No more.  Get away from me!  Good, pushing his face away worked.  He giggled too.  Sucker!

Sure, Daddy, let's sit down in these chairs and stare off into space for an hour.  Why do you do that!!???

What is Mommy saying?  Gotta go!

I won't be needing this pacifier.  I'll just drop it right here. be continued in Part 4


  1. Lol! This sounds about right, except for the lack of the daiper crisis thus far. :) And you are totally a sucker by the way, expecially when it comes to annalisse.

  2. Hahaha.
    Did you know you left said pacifier here? Will that be revealed in part 4?

    1. Actually, Parts 1 - 3 are about the first family we visited. She left a pacifier at your place too? Bahahahhaha!