Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maria is My Kind o' Woman

On the second day of our eight state, sixteen day, road trip, we arrived in the small baseball market city of Kansas City, Missouri.  Our destination was Caribou Coffee (I know...we're tourists, hanging at a chain coffee joint - bite me), a few blocks off I-29 to meet a dynamic and brilliant woman, Maria.

She's my kind o' woman.

I love a woman that makes you think.  I love a woman that has her own educated opinion.  I love a woman that corrects you when she deems you are wrong.  I pout internally when a woman laughs at none of my jokes.  I love a woman who is so sure of herself that your opinion doesn't matter.  I love a woman that does not accept any status quo or group think philosophy, but devises her own beliefs by what she considers is right and worth devising.  I love a woman who walks into a high class coffee shop, orders a coffee, and, when finished, walks up to the counter and asks for a free refill.  I love a woman who challenges your petrified brain to consider thoughts beyond your current thinking.  I love a woman that doesn't laugh at the absurdity of a man having a mug, but rather assists me in picking out an epic few at the local thrift store.

Now that is an awesome woman.  Maria exhibits every one of those qualities and more. 

I am so glad we finally met in person.

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