Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Get Goog'ed: Clifford Pooping, Pimples, and Other Stories

From time to time, I get hots from the Goog.  Always entertaining, I love to answer them to the best of my ability.

"was thomas wrong for doubting"

I don't know Thomas personally, but I have written on the subject.  My opinion is nothing more than reasoned logic.  In order to get the real answer, I would suggest you phone the bloke yourself.

"steve drain is going to hell"

Seriously now.  I don't think I ever said anything of the sort.  It doesn't help too much to get into a pissing match between hell shouters.  Steve Drain, the untalented media guy of Westboro Baptist Church, is an arrogant, pompous, ass.  But, since I don't believe in hell, I would just say that I hope he pays for his evils and hatred in this life - his only life.  I would pay a lot of money to see his face when he wakes up after death and realizes, he dayd!...and there ain't nuttin' but deadness.  But then, that's not logical.

"smell of rotten flesh and disappears in house"

One word.  Ghosts.  Run!

"is it normal to get pimples under beauty marks?"

I have no medical degree, but I have personal experience with pimples, even under "beauty marks".  Not direct experience except that, when Kristine, my beautiful bride gets one, I find myself kissing it because, after all, I have embraced the pimple as a beauty mark itself.  In fact, if you have a pimple under a societally accepted beauty mark, you have a double stacked mark.  Go out into the world and rock it!

"how does clifford poop"

Very carefully, looking both ways for cars.  The better question is, how does he pee?

And that's it.  Enjoy my expertise.


I. C.

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