Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Perspective on Mys Doug Wilson

So, Sierra calls me angry in this article.  She's right.  I was angry.  My miserable existence, for years, suffered under the hands of idiots like Mys. Wilson. 

Sierra's best quote:

"Believe me, I’m very familiar with the rhetoric about how submission does not mean inferiority. It may not mean that in theory, but it does in practice. When one person is systematically denied the ability to teach others, to make decisions for her family, to deny sex or pregnancy, to disobey her partner or to live and work independently, she is made the inferior of her partner. This does not mean she is inferior intrinsically. It means she behaves as though she is. It means she is treated as though she is. It means she thinks it’s right for one person to be freer than another on the basis of birth. That is wrong."

I hate to say this, but tears came to my eyes when I read that.  I have been trying to tell men, and the women they rule, this for a long time.  Kristine, my wife has articulated this many times while debating with women who have no idea what freedom means and men who have no clue what it means to love your wife.

Guys, I know how to love my wife.  And Mys. Wilson, I am way above your grade level in being an awesome husband.  I am better than you.  Shave your beard, come sit at my feet, and learn to live your life, changing it from your miserable existence as head controller of your blinded church.  Oh...and get that blowjob I recommended.

Give Sierra's article a read!

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