Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Ending Project by Kate Townsend

Kate write at Phoenix and the Olive Branch.

I want to bring all my reader's attention to a project that she has begun.  The project is her mother's happiness and financial viability.  As Kate says in the above link, "
My mother is the kind of woman who will make this world a better place or die trying, and then come back and haunt [it] until the job is done. She is physiologically incapable of giving up."

Seven years ago, a financial aid paper mishap caused her mother to drop out of college, only a semester's worth or so of classes away from her bachelor's degree.  When it happened, her mother fought the red tape and lost, resigning herself to hoping for "...God to open another door one day."

Kate wants to be that door, repaying her mother for who she was as a mom and who she currently is as a human being, and who she can be in the future, while changing her little corner of the world for the better. 

She has set up a Go Fund Me site called:

Happy Ending Project

Kate is leaving almost daily updates at this site and also gives a thorough description of the cause here.

Please consider helping out.  As of 8:00 PM CST, July 27, $1055.00 has been raised.  And yes, she's asking for just nickles and dimes.  If everyone gave a dime, we would only need 64,450 donations.  Only 6445 people if you give a dollar.  Five dollars gets us there with just 1289 generous individuals. I think we can make it!

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