Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beginning My First Book Ever

Just beginning my first book. I hope to publish this before I die. It is titled "My Perfect Marriage - Do What I Did and Ruin Your Relationship Forever".

Tell me if this first paragraph will draw you in once you crack the cover:

[“Fuck you!”, Kristine blurted out. I was shocked. Not only had I never heard my wife swear before, but here, she was directing her wrath at me. My thoughts went into hyper mode as I realized that, since she was using her first naughty word on me, something must be really wrong.

Usually, I just made her cry.]


  1. It should read "My Godly Marriage" or something like that. "Godly" in scare quotes?

  2. Even if I didn't read the first paragraph, I would still read it because you're a wonderful writer and your life with Kristine fascinates me. :)

  3. That's the most awesome lead ever!