Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Get Comments: I'm Seeing Pretty Rainbows

Gawrsh, I'm tickled pink.  I have tried to be real in all of my writings, only recently deciding to shed my inhibitions and write what is really in my head and heart, rather than worrying about how my words would be received by members of my past life.

Then I receive this comment:

"Yesterday I stumbled upon this blog, I think it was an email link rec.'d from Michael Moore.???? I have yet to figure the connection. My experience so far is likened to a great book you just can't bear to put down. I'm a recluse and when I do find myself in the "real" world I find it discouraging to say the least and reading these stories so far has given me hope. Thank you for reminding me that sanity, honesty, humor & straight-talking folks still exist."

Always a sucker for praise and adoration (as well as an idiot for loving criticism), my heart is all warm and fuzzy-like.  I'm seeing unicorns before my very eyes and little bluebirds are singing on my shoulders right now.

Watch out for the bull.  (old movie reference...did you get it?)


I. C.

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