Friday, July 20, 2012

The Aurora Police Dept are Better Than Me

Yes.  I cry.  I heard the news this morning about the shooting in Aurora and I cried.  I was driving to work and called Kristine, choking over my words, trying to sound calm.  When I hung up, I cried. 

The world will be asking why.  I don't care.  I hurt for the victims and their families who will forever be affected by this senseless act.  But, mostly, I admire the police department for the following reason:

If I was the arresting officer of the shooter in Aurora, I would have riddled his body full of bullets, pulled out a hunting knife and done a hack job, and then, hours after the shooting, I would still be there, standing over his body, beating his face in with a baseball bat.

The arresting police officers of Aurora are better men and women than I.

All my love to the victims.


I. C.

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