Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friend Me On Facebook

I'm snarky, sassy, thoughtful (I think), sappy, dripping with love for my bride, and all around fun (I've been told) on Facebook.  When I post something, I expect 115 comments at a minimum.  I love discussion, debate, other viewpoints, and pretty much anything to do with women, beer, religion, family, kids, life, well...anything (and in that order, but really only very good beer).

Yes, I'm shallow.  But join the fun if you so desire.


I. C.


  1. I think your settings are too high for me to add you- I am at though if you could add me. Enjoy your stuff- not shallow at all! ;0)

  2. Yeah, for all of you who are considering this, I think you should be warned about the whole "dripping with love for my bride" thing. Joe is not kidding. If anything he is understating.