Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Medical Foolishness of Bill Gothard

Billy Boy G. sent a team to Peru where he is trying to sidle up to the leaders of that country and fool them into believing that he has all the answers for everything in life.  We know that he is just a fool, propping himself up as an expert.  His shills put out glowing reports on this blog, tracking the daily narcissistic movements of Bill.

On Day Eleven, apparently, Bill happens across some doctors who do medical procedures without knowing why they are doing what they're doing.  One day, they must have thought it was a fine idea to take some stomach and put it in the brain to cure "brain paralysis", or more commonly known, cerebral palsy.  A quick Goog search will reveal nothing of the sort.  (I have a feeling the doctors were pulling the leg of Billy Boy G. and his minions and are now laughing like crazy while Bill goes his merry way, thinking that some sort of meta-physical mysticism cures people.)

Bill apparently mentioned the "mind-body connection" which he links from that blog...oh wait!...that's not a link to an explanation.  It's a book plug!

Anyway, I'll save you the $39.00.  Wha...$39.00!!!!???  Wow!  Well, consider this charity.  Here are the seven daily stresses:

1.  Sort of not feeling stressed at all.
2.  Sort of getting to that point where I'm all stressed like.
3.  Yeah.  I'm stressed.
4.  Holy crap!  I'm really sooooooooooooooooooooooooper stressed right now!!!!!!!!!!!
5.  ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  I can't handle this anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.  Nah, I'm ok.
7.  Whoa!  Dude!  I'm flying!.....SQUIRREL!

And that's it.  How you deal with those stresses is up to you.  A bit of nice music, a bowl of ice cream, a bubble bath, and a toe jam removal session, while laying off the coffee at 3AM goes a long way.

Maybe I should go to Peru.


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