Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 10 Blog Posts of All Time

I have been writing for a year now and am continually amazed at how many readers hit my blog on a daily basis.  The most popular posts on Incongruous Circumspection are ones that uncover spiritual abuse.  Personal anecdotes of my life are also quite popular though my readers quickly get bored of hearing about "me me me".

Below, you will find the top 10 blog posts over the last 12 months.

1. Tim Dunkin's Hephzibah House Faux Pas

This post critiques an ultra-conservative defender of the young women abuse mill, Hephzibah House.  Tim Dunkin is a very religious man and defends anyone that calls themselves a "Man of God".  You can find his writing all over the most obscure corners of the internet with conspiracy theorist followers.  Pay attention to the comments, as well.  Lucinda Pennington makes an appearance to defend the abusers.

2. Should a Wife Submit to Her Husband

It took me hours to write this post.  I agonized over the content and put it through about fifteen drafts.  I call this my finest masterpiece and hope you enjoy the succinct conciseness as the words jump off the page for you.

3. The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act One

This begins my very first series (which isn't finished yet) of two very hardcore spiritual abusers.  The protagonist is my brother, Zach.  He has since completely left Christianity and has forged his own path as an atheist.  You will find, within this series, many of the reasons for his faith departure.  Annah and Mark Reid are evil to the core.

4. Letters From Mama: Christmas Debt

This post was surprisingly popular.  Christmas 2011 was very harrowing with all the family and guests at our home.  Then, a package arrived in the mail.  The contents are described in this article.

5.  I Am No Longer a Christian

Listed in this post is my rejection of all the boxes religious people tried to stuff me into.  At the time I wrote the piece, I still considered myself a man of faith in Christ.  I have since, become an undefined agnostic.  Regardless of who I currently am, I think people who hold fast to their Christianity will appreciate these words and sincerely identify with their meaning.

6. Answer to My Critics: My Childhood Opened My Eyes

This is, hands down, the most raw post I have ever written.  It was a response to an old friend telling me to stop talking about my past because it proved I was nothing but bitter.  I disagreed vehemently.  Read at your own risk.

7. "pastor" Tim Henderson's Lie

Tim Henderson is a classic Hyles Anderson College style spiritual abuser.  My story with him is actually quite humorous.  He thought he could control me or maybe considered his power over me to be absolute.  Shortly after we left the church, they ran him out of town.  Enjoy the good laugh.

8.  The Formula Problem: Why Duggarizing Your Marriage is Not Recommended

A common recent theme of mine has been to debunk formulas.  I hate them, mostly because my lovely wife and I defy the heck out of them.  The Duggar family is built on a whole series of formulas, straight from Bill Gothard and Vision Forum.  This is my response to their perceived perfection.

9. Letter From Mama:  Don't Get Married

The Letters From Mama series has now made two entries in the top ten.  People like a good Mama story.  My wife and I have been married for over ten years in complete defiance of Mama's wishes.  When we're celebrating out 80th anniversary, we will look back on our life and see that Mama being against us from the beginning, as well as a good oatmeal stout every few days, was the glue that held our wild and romantic love together.

10. The Story of Liz Franklin, Installment 1: The Only True Church

I have not finished this series yet.  In the next one or two installments (we are currently up to Installment 4), I will be revealing some of the most shocking abuse by those a young girl should be able to completely trust.  Read this series and you will be witnesses to the life of a girl that is heading downhill - all because of the church she goes to - which beats into her brain the idea that she is worthless and will never be good enough for anyone, let alone God.  Keep the Kleenex handy.

And there you have it.  Enjoy yourselves.


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