Friday, March 16, 2012

Today's Goog Hits on Incongruous Circumspection - 3/16/2012

Every day, without fail, I read through the Goog search terms that bring people to my blog, thanks to Google Analytics.  I'll show a few of them below and try to point my readers in the proper direction:

allegheny wesleyan methodist blog

Ah, yes.  But be very careful.  If you're here to find anything good about the Allegheny Wesleyan Church, you're at the wrong place.  To get you started, you can read the first installment of one of their ex-members here.

easiest position in softball

Second base!  Now that was easy.  Glad to be of service.

full preterest second coming doug phillips

I sincerely apologize.  I fell asleep just..hang on....(sorry, big yawn)...reading that.  Nope.  You'll find nothing of the sort here.  But, if you want to read about Doug Phillips, try here, where I mention the perfectly bearded fellow in passing.  Or, read through Dougy Boy's hilarious take on historic men.  Better yet, try a change of pace and read this collaborative piece by an atheist friend of mine when I used to consider myself a Christian.  Finally, if that doesn't do it, try something a bit more risque where I, again, simply allude to the uber-smiley bloke.

rabbi means "leader of the synagogue"

I have never written about that.  But, you're spot on.  Now you know.

sex is meaningless to me

Excuse me???!!!  The ole' Goog must be throwing some electrons off during packet transfer here and there these days.  That search term should have NEVER EVER, in a million years, led you here.  And to prove my point, read this and this.  Also, can you contact the Goog and have them add "I love sex like the air I breathe" into their algorithm for anything Incongruous Circumspection related?

you are like icing on the cake without you life is meaningless

Wow...  I don't know what to say.  I'm honored.  Gawrsh.  Wow.  Phew! everything here!  Man!  You made me blush.



  1. Don't you just love those google hits?
    I get hits every day, and I mean, EVERY DAY concerning Grace Driscoll, either about her blog, or her affair, or both, or some other crazy Grace Driscoll search. You'd think I was an expert on her. I'm soooo not. But it's funny all the same.

    Then, of course, there are the hits that don't make a bit of sense. They aren't good for much except to put a smile on my face as I wonder what the heck was going on in the mind of the person who typed it in.
    Key words are bitter (imagine that), porn, Jock Strap, etc. People look for some really weird stuff.

    You just never know who will end up at our quiet, little blogs in our small corner of the blogsphere.

  2. LOL! My only thought is, why a bitter jock strap? That's just not right.

  3. You think that's bad, I've had more than one hit for "sweet jock".

    I'm afraid to ask.

    (Perhaps I'm showing great amounts of naivety here?)

  4. I've had hits on my blog for "punishments for a submissive male."

    I don't want to ask either...