Friday, March 2, 2012

Pending Series: Debunking the Fourteen Basic Needs of a Marriage

Bill Gothard's homeschool organization, Advanced Training Institute (ATI), has put out two pieces of material about the seven basic needs of a husband and also the seven basic needs of a wife.

I will be writing a fourteen part series debunking these needs, one by one. 

Bill's classic fallacy is that he assumes that all men have the same needs and all women, as well.

Enjoy the series.  I know I will.


PS:  Let me know in the comments certain issues that you would like me to address in this series.


  1. Why does Michelle have to use that cow eyed look when ever she gazes at JimBob? Is it because he is her supreme leader?

    If I looked at my alien overlord like that, he'd think I have lost what's left of my brain.

  2. Yes. She is ordered to do that by Bill Gothard and Doug Phillips. It shows submission.

  3. I don't know much about Gothard but if it's anything like the other fundamentalist marriage theories I imagine there is something in it about how men need sex and power and women need love and affection. I'm always flabbergasted by how they seem to think it's obvious that women don't really like sex but they should do it to keep their husbands happy and men don't really need affection but they should behave affectionately to placate their wives. In my world women like, love and need sex too!
    If you could deal with those crazy ideas, that would be swell.