Monday, June 10, 2013

A Dad's Park Duties

Being a dad sucks.

So, we have these neighbors.  The woman has four kids.  She grew up blocks away from my wife.  They never knew each other.  Then, years later, both of our families moved to the same lovely neighborhood and we met.  The women became fast friends and our kids will end up marrying each other.

Today, I got a call at work.

"Come to Dairy Queen after work.  Me and the neighbor are walking there with all the kids.  Then we'll go to the park," Kristine barked excitedly into the phone.

...long pause...

"Ok," I squeaked out.

I knew what this meant.  They didn't want my company.  They wanted to talk - and talk a lot! I was to do my fatherly duties.

I would be forced to chase the kids around the park.  Forced to help them swing, pushing them back and forth, back and forth, while they giggled uncontrollably.  Forced to teach them how to navigate an obstacle course that was fourteen times bigger than them and cheer loudly and embarrassingly when they arrived at the end, victorious.  Forced to scare them at the end of the squiggly tunnel slides.  Forced to take off my shoes and splash in the puddles with them.  Forced to...

You get the idea.  

Being a dad sucks.  Next time, we should do Culver's for ice cream!

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