Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Upcoming Series - The Great Deceiver: Dr. Kenneth Copley Strikes Again

I will be posting a multi-part story from a woman who contacted me about an extended affair she had with Dr. Kenneth Copley, while he was a counselor at a "biblical" counseling center in Carmel, Indiana.

This story is not for young readers, is sexually graphic in nature due to necessity, and has only been minimally altered grammatically by me.

As you will see, the victim struggles with her spirituality and still continues to claim Christianity to this day.  While I am convinced that full healing will only be possible once the shackles of religion is thrown off completely, I have respected the author's desire to portray her perceived wonders of spiritual healing.  I find no fault in that path.

For those who are unfamiliar with my series of the sexual abuse of another victim, Ruth Copley Burger, at the hands of Dr. Kenneth Copley, her adopted father, you can begin that series here.

As reported here, around the time the "Hammer Drops" series went to post, it was discovered that Dr. Kenneth Copley had been a counseling pastor at Brownsburg Baptist Church in Brownsburg, IN.  The church was contacted and the the pastor informed those who contacted him that Dr. Kenneth Copley was no longer employed at the church.

Further research was done and it was discovered that Dr. Kenneth Copley was now employed at The Cross in Fort Wayne, IN.  If you glance over on the right of that page, you will see Dr. Kenneth Copley's name prominently displayed as the Associate Pastor of this church.  If this is still the case, people need to be warned of Dr. Kenneth Copley's propensity to groom his young victims and strike when they are most vulnerable.

I hope you find The Great Deceiver series riveting, horrifying, and a call to stop sexual abuse behind a religious curtain of "good ole' boy" secrecy.

Part 1: Being Primed for Sexual Abuse

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