Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Great Deceiver: Dr. Kenneth Copley Left Quietly and is Still a Pastor

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One day, I shared with Ken Copley that I felt our pastor was having an affair with our worship leader. About a year later they were caught and I was devastated that sin had dragged away our pastor. I called Dr. Copley sobbing and I asked him, "Are we doing the same thing?" He said, "Absolutely not, our situation is very different we are in God's will." Looking back, I wonder why I asked that question? I must have had doubts or I would not have asked.  My heart still sinks with shame when I think about how I was entangled in such an affair and did not believe I was having an affair.

Soon after my abortion, Dr. Copley came to my house and said, "God has yanked my chain. I made you mine and your not mine, I must let you go." I cried and cried because I had been so enmeshed with him over the last two years I did not know how to function on my own. I had been feeling freedom and healing, yet in a new way I was completely handicapped. I did not know what to do. My son saw his mom fall apart and it was not a positive experience.

I told my best friend the truth about what had happened and she said we must tell the counseling board. So we called those in charge over Dr. Copley and informed them of what had happened. My friend actually relayed the information because I was very unstable at this point. Dr. Copley resigned and removed all ties with Christian counseling center.

I was set up with another counselor who helped me process what had happened. I counseled with him for about 3 years. In that time all my vulnerabilities surfaced and I was not once taken advantage of in my immaturity. I discovered that it was not me that was the problem it was the past counselors I had. I needed someone to show me what to do with my issues and not shame me or take advantage of me. Finally I received healing and moved on and I am now married and graduated from Ivy Tech Community College as an RN.

I am now living in the moment and thriving on life. I found out about Ruth, Dr. Copley's daughter's story, I have not been able to shake it from my mind. I now realize that Dr C is a predator and is still in ministry and something must be done to stop this abuse from being perpetrated on anyone else.


According to The Cross at Fort Wayne, IN's website, Dr. Kenneth Copley is still Associate Pastor at this church.


  1. Please have a link on this page to the church's website where he is still a pastor so that we don't have to trace back in the story to find it and we can directly go to that site in order to request this man's dismissal. This story is sickening.

  2. I just sent an email to the contact email on the website ( and it bounced back to me with a message that the account has been disabled or discontinued.

  3. I sent an email too just now ... will see what happens. I'm nauseated, especially because my husband was a pastor/missionary, yet hidden behind the gentle wise front was a violent abuser to me and our children. The police should be called right now! What he did is a crime!

  4. yes, same - 'delivery failed permanently'. That is sick.

  5. he is now working at Ed Martin Nissan as a car salesman of course...what a loser

  6. My husband often drove Ken C to Cinci