Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Like My Hair

Living Social.  While that woman's underarms look deliciously barren, I am not your next likely candidate for laser hair removal.  In fact, doing research on your obviously copiously researched choice of yours truly, I inquired of my wife as to whether or not she looked upon my hair enhanced pits and found them aesthetically pleasing, to which she replied, "They're fine."

While that response was less than conclusive, it was enough to note that your targeting of my email inbox with an offer to remove the aforementioned hair was little more than the AARP sending me a snail mail flier, crowing about how they could save me money on my car insurance - at the ripe old age of 33.

I hope you find your intended target audience, but, in the meantime, please send me an offer to grow more underarm hair so that I can hear my wife exclaim, "They're coarse!"


I. C.


  1. I've had more than one flier from the ARRP and the first one was when I was, I believe, 20...