Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dobson Misspeaks? Is That Possible?

Dr. James Dobson quoted an unnamed doctor who told him that Congress passed a law where it was now illegal for stents to be inserted into patients over 70.

That is not true.

If Dobson can speak with authority on something that is not true, how much more can we trust him when he croons on about how the family is being destroyed, according to his artificial and ancient set of family values.

Those include spanking, submission of women, authority of the husband, etc.

This simply means that a man as revered as Dobson must be held to the same level of skeptical and critical scrutiny as any other talking head.  Unfortunately, because he has God behind him, many just give him a pass.


  1. I've debated about this silly man with my family who of course think he is next to Jesus in importance to their Christianity.

  2. My father still pushes Dobson's books. He knows the man is certifiable now, but continues to have faith in his older work.


  3. I used to listen to his radio bites back when he didn't mention religion, just things that seemed to be common-sense about raising children, etc. But then he just went off the deep end and now I ignore everything he says.