Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Wonder Kurt Bills Lost

I just looked through the front window at my front door that we never used and noticed, tucked behind the intricate woodwork, a campaign flyer from none other than Kurt Bills.

Yeah.  The bloke that lost to Amy Klobuchar by nearly 40 points in their 2012 U.S. Senate race..  No wonder he got trounced.

Note to campaign: people usually use the door on the side of the house where there are two things - a driveway or garage and a mailbox.  Just sayin', buddy.

Shoulda hired me as your campaign manager.  Though, of course, I would have told you to be willing to raise taxes, while cutting spending.  I would have told you to keep our welfare system, but make it more robust and efficient by handing the reins to the people behind the desks and eliminating 30 page forms which allow many to fall through the cracks and others to scam the system.

Trust me, I know these things.  My wife and I ran a daycare and we saw, first hand, the two groups of people that count on government assistance.  Those that used it to get them to somewhere good, and those that relied on it to keep them scraping by with no real dreams or goals.  We need to support the former and push the latter into independent success.  It can be done.

But most of all, Kurt Bills, I would have told you to dump the conspiracy theory about Klobuchar hiding criminal evidence.  Yeah, that desk thumping line that made you lose so badly.  Especially after you were so soundly rebutted with facts in a very public forum - repeatedly.

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