Friday, February 1, 2013

Missouri Proposed Creationism Law Contradicts Itself

Think Todd Akin as representative of conservative thought in the state of Missouri.  Basically, words spouted from uneducated mouths with no factual backing.

Think of that and you'll understand P.Z. Myers' expose on a proposed "Creationism in science" textbooks law.

It's funny how the authors of the bill spend so much time arguing the necessity of verifiable and testable evidence for everything in a science textbook and then requires that half of the curriculum be dedicated to God creating the heavens and then earth, which is untestable and unverifiable.

It makes you think that they have a different definition of "evidence".  Then, once you think about that idea, you realize that they really do.

"Evidence", to a creationist is simply the Bible itself, along with grand descriptions of complexity, which obviously points to God.  Essentially - faith in whatever they have faith in.  Quite the double standard.  But these people can't seem to see that.

It reminds me of the old hymn that really chapped my rear during my indoctrination years.

I serve a risen Savior,He’s in the world today;I know that he is living,Whatever men may say;I see his hand of mercy,I hear his voice of cheer,And just the time I need himHe’s always near.
He lives, He lives,Christ Jesus lives today!He walks with me and talks with mealong life’s narrow way.He lives, He lives,Salvation to impart!You ask me how I know he lives?He lives within my heart.
I would always ask myself, "how the heck could any thinking person actually believe that explanation?"  But people sang it with such abandon, hitting the high notes for HE LIIIIIIIIIVES WIIIIIIITHIIIIIIIIIIN......MYYYYYYY HEEEEEEEARRRRRRRRRT!!!!, that I was forced to just accept it as a logical argument.  I never really could completely reconcile it, though. 

Enjoy the read.

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