Monday, February 11, 2013

"Pastor" Anderson: Women Were Made to Cook

"Pastor" Steven Anderson is a misogynist asshole.  I pity his wife.

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  1. It makes me mad when people like that call themselves christians, while simultaneously advocating the opposite of what Christ taught. The dude talks a lot about his wife cooking; he does know that Jesus supported and encouraged Mary of Bethany's choice to sit and learn with the men instead of being in the kitchen doing girl stuff, right? Gawrsh.

  2. His wife, Zsu is just as bigoted and evil as he is. I don't feel sorry for her. She's under 30 with a passel of kids who look like they never get in a tub. She hates anyone who doesn't believe the same way she does. They deserve each other. One of the yahoos that attends their "church" was open carrying a weapon at a venue the POTUS was at. The pissing preacher has had several altercations with CPB because he's an ass.

  3. wow. "you might not get to the point of the virtuous woman, but isn't that the standard?" nice, grace-based theology there. worst exegesis ever award.

    1. Get to the point of the virtuous woman... you mean being a small-business owner/commercial seamstress, purchasing property with my own money, and being the reason why my hubby's got a good reputation in the city, right? ;)

  4. I have a suggestion for you. You need to take this moron's quotes, attribute them to him, print them on the front of tee-shirts and on the back print statements like, "The owner of this tee-shirt does not necessarily support the views of the asshole quoted on the front." or "Put another win in the atheists column, folks!"...etc. Sell them online and get your site up and running.