Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tony Perkins Calls All Catholic Priests Pedophiles

Okay.  He really didn't, but, if you follow his logic, it's pretty clear that he hasn't thought it through.

Here is the link to the audio.

Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council says:
It’s kind of ironic to me, I thought…just on its surface it seems very ironic to me that some of the very ones who are pushing this policy change in the Boy Scouts are some of the same ones that were screaming about the Catholic Church and wanting them to be more transparent and liable for the damages that were done. The Catholic Church has paid out millions of dollars as a result of those cases of abuse that took place and now they are putting the Boy Scouts into the same compromising situation. It just does not add up.

Here, Perkins says that Catholics who have been encouraging the Boy Scouts to open up their membership to gays are the same Catholics that called for more transparency of their own priesthood.  Thinking that is ironic, he follows it up with something quite curious, stating that the Catholics are asking the Boy Scouts to put themselves in the same compromising situations as their own boys.

Really, Tony?

You just said that there can be no Catholic priest trusted with any boy.  Is that what you want on record?

I see the position of Catholics as very consistent.  They don't want priests raping altar boys and thus, they call for more transparency from the leadership.  Why?  Simple. Because they understand that while all Catholic priests that rape young boys are pedophiles, that does not mean that all Catholic priests are therefore pedophiles.  The transparency is for all parents of altar boys to know if their priest is a rapist or not.  This was the whole problem with the Catholic Church scandal years ago.  The leadership had moved the offending priests around - quietly.  This meant that no trusting parents could ever know of their priest's infractions.

In the same vein, there are gay pedophiles, as there are straight pedophiles.  The distinction has nothing to do with their sexual orientation, though.  It is simply whether or not they groom and rape children.  Thus, parents who happen to be Catholic, who desire for their gay friends to be allowed into the Boy Scouts, can be assured that most, if not all, of those that are gay, will be good to their sons.  If not, one can expect them to remove and excoriate the offending party as quickly and harshly as they clamor for the removal and defrocking of their own priesthood.

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