Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 KDWB's Jingle Ball - The Common Man's Critique: Ed Sheeran

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There is a reason Ed Sheeran is so well loved and will be loved for quite a while.  He cares about music.  He doesn’t give a damn about what sells.  He uses passion, his voice, a guitar, a little technology, and an attitude of “This is me and I’m glad you like it”.  You, as the onlooker, are forced to just simply accept what is being fed to you.  And it isn’t bad, either.  The boy can sing!  And his lyrics are very strong, not coming from a word-randomizer and spit out as prosey poetisism, as much of pop today tends to be.

Ed Sheeran takes a well-known song like “The A Team”, nails it, and then adds his own rendition of it at the end, crooning out some serious opera notes, and stretching the song to seven minutes.

Ed only ended up singing three songs because his second song proved my point.  It lasted twelve minutes.  Yep.  A whole twelve minutes!  Ed Sheeran started it off by asking permission (basically just telling us) to use a Boss Loop Station. He quickly explained in terms we could understand, what the technology did.  It essentially made him into a one man band, allowing him to play, beat his guitar, and blow or sing into the microphone and the BLS would repeat it over and over again.  Then, Ed would sing and play over the top of it.  He could also stop the BLS with his foot and start it up again when he relieved the pressure.

About eight minutes into this song, not one word of his rat a tat lyrics had been understood by anyone in the crowd and the awe-inspiring talent began to wane on us.  People stopped cheering and sat down.  By the time Ed was done, everyone was in their seats, hoping beyond hope he would play “The A Team”.

He did, they popped up, and everyone loved him again.  Ed Sheeran was gold.  Ed Sheeran will be gold.  Look for more from this confident and talented young man in the future.

Ed Sheeran left quickly, not caring what anyone thought about his exit.  He was done.  He had come, he had shined, and he had wowed.  My wife was jittery.  The next act was the only reason she was there.  Her hands were cold and clammy and she wanted nothing to do with me.  The love of her life was about to enter her room.

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