Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pending Post: 2012 KDWB's Jingle Ball - The Common Man's Critique

Yes.  I'm going to do it...soon.

All my life, I've read movie, theater, and other show critiques and got lost in the bloated language.  To me, from the cheap seats, a Midwesterner from the great state of Minnesota, it feels like my eyes are supposed to glaze over whilst the proletariat nod in glazed-eyed agreement - having no clue what they are reading.

So I'm going to write up a play by play of KDWB's 2012 Jingle Ball from a common man's perspective.  You'll finally be able to feel like you were present, rather than sitting 20,000 feet above the event, surrounded by feather pillows and a stuffed tiger.

Wait for it...

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