Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catholicism has Lost Its Mystery with a Tweeting Pope

You always saw the man in funny hats, behind bullet-proof glass (odd that a man of such god-ness would need such protection of mortals), heard about secret meetings of bishops, watched short clips of special Masses at the Vatican, and read short statements of philosophy, politics, and religion, whenever the Catholic Church would deign to put out something of consequence from the mouth of the most holy man in the world.

Now, the man is no longer a mystery.  He is on the most modern of mediums - Twitter.  He tweets little tweets all day long, inquiring of Catholics, albeit rhetorically, on how to live life, among other topics.  But so does Lady Gaga.  So does Justin Bieber.  So does Chris Christie.  So do I.

And that's the point.  The last great mysterious bastion of religion, the office of the pope, has now been relegated to common status, no different than a woman who dresses in a meat dress.

The religion of Catholicism has now entered the age of the beginning of its death.  Mankind can now see it for what it is.  They can also interact directly with the god-man...well...sort of.  But, at least now, all people will see the most common of critics and be affected by the truth of their words.

Catholicism.  Will you be missed?  I, for one, liked the smell of candles.

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