Friday, December 14, 2012

My Daughter is Growing Up

Renaya is now 10 years old.  She's in 5th grade!  I can't believe it, even when I write it down here.

Last night, the whole family went to watch our daughter and sister in her 5th grade music program.  Renaya sang, played odd African instruments, and played in a sextet of recorders.  It was beyond perfection.

I sat in the risers, mesmerized at her talent and how quickly she has grown up.  I realized how much I had poured into her and how little she was using of my pouring the whole time she was on stage.

As a father, I can still show her love, but she is growing up and beginning to develop some serious individuality.  My idiot side is going to do my damndest to screw it up, but she'll swat me away like an irritating flee and fly right by me.  I'll try and grab on but she'll shake me off.  I feel the maturing years coming fast.

I miss my little girl.  But I'll be clapping for an encore courtside.

Who am I kidding...she'll give me free VIP tickets to the cheap seats and Mommy will get courtside.

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