Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hypocrisy that Killed a Child

In the great state of Wisconsin, two parents allegedly had the legal right to pray for their child's diabetes, rather than find the best treatment available.  As should be expected, their little girl died.  According to them, it must have been their god's plan.

Yes...their god's plan is to make little girls suffer a horrible death from a very treatable condition and allows the parents to live on in "his will".

Then, the parents get sentenced to time in prison. What do they do?  Do they get on their knees and pray away their persecution?  Nope.  They get a lawyer and appeal the conviction.

Why is it perfectly fine to pray away diabetes instead of retaining a professional doctor and yet, when presented a problem of their own, this couple sought out professional help?  If your god is powerful enough to heal diabetes, can't he also get you out of jail?  After all, he did it for Peter and Paul in the New Testament.

Read about these hypocrite murderers here.

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  1. This happened in my home town. I followed the trial and the sentencing online with my best friend. She was there I was here in CA. They are guilty and no amount of God Speak is going to save them. I personally think their sentences were too lenient. Hell drunken drivers in Marathon County get longer sentences than they did. My friends sister, who killed her abusive husband, and hid the body in a back room because she was traumatized spent a longer time in prison than these to will. Same county. They should be shown no mercy,