Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Can I, An Agnostic Atheist, Read My Children Bible Stories?

Libby Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism just wrote a brilliant piece about being able to read her daughter stories from the Bible.  After all, the stories in the Bible are no different than Greek Mythology or The Little Red Hen.  It's just that people choose to believe them as fact with similar evidence to the nature of their falsehood as the other stories.

I have one problem with the premise.  I pulled out a book called, "The Story of Jesus", off of my bookshelf. It was a Christmas theme.  I sat Analisse (2) down and opened to the first page.

Jesus is the son of God and he loves you very, very much.


That isn't my idea of mythology and simple children's stories.  That isn't story telling at all.  It's indoctrination.  Sure, you can make an argument that it is just the same as the "other" myths and fairy tales I mentioned above, but I would rather not read something that is written so factually and vociferously. So I tossed the book aside and grabbed another one.

Analisse shrugged it off and snuggled in to enjoy the time with me.

She loves books, words, pages, covers, bindings...everything about the printed page.  It matters not what the story is about - yet.  But, one day, we will have that lively discussion that Jesus is most definitely not the son of any God but was most probably just a good man that made people very happy (and others very angry) - well...just like other popular historical figures.

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