Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 KDWB's Jingle Ball - The Common Man's Critique: OneRepublic

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After a break in the action, OneRepublic appeared on the big screen and we listened as Ryan Tedder  told the audience that he doesn’t hold back anything with any performance.  He was right.  OneRepublic stormed the stage and we got to watch as Ryan showed his multitude of talents.  He could play the guitar (not to mention, he could throw one and hit another of his bandmates in the back), he could play the piano, beat on drums, jump up on large speakers, run up stairs into the arms of hundreds of screaming tweens and teens, he could yell, jump, dance, prance…but he couldn’t sing.

Ryan Tedder  is talentless with his voice.  Every single note he tries to sing is at least a 64th off key.   The first couple songs were so bad, I was ready to leave the arena.  My favorite pop song of all time, “Good Life”, was butchered right before my eyes – by the group that originally sang it.  I found myself trying to sing the notes and get Ryan back on key and yet I failed to telepathically enable him to do so.

The crowd seemed to catch it and had a hard time responding to him.  Ryan must have felt it and did what every male singer knows how to do to get the girls back on his side – croon in falsetto.  When he would, he would elicit a huge scream from the girls in the arena and then lose them immediately.

If it hadn’t been for the stage presentation of “Apologize” where the cellist brought the house down with his imaginatively talented cello playing, and the best drumming of the entire night by their drummer, as well as the introduction of their new single “If I Lose Myself” (they handily nailed that one), the crowd would have left in one unit to hit the bathrooms.

Then they sang, “Feel Again”.  Ryan Tedder again butchered the tune but the band saved him and the crowd was able to enjoy one of the better written songs of the year.

All in all, I would never go to a OneRepublic concert again.  Buying the album allows the music company to fix Ryan Tedder’s voice and make the music the awesome sound we hear on the radio every day.

As OneRepublic left the stage, the room was electrified.  Everyone knew the choice meat of the evening was about to enter.  Ed Sheeran was in the house.

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