Thursday, June 7, 2012

Introducing the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog Network

Vyckie Garrison of No Longer Qivering (no 'u') has just launched a network for bloggers that have escaped spiritual abuse.  You can view the list of blogs here.

Also, consider joining the network and add your voice to our voices.   You can join here.

As the network grows, you can finally leave these boring old pages behind and get your fill of superior writing and thought.  (Shameless request for "you da bomb!" comments.)  Crap, that just showed my age.


I. C.


  1. da bomb!? I don't know why you want the comment but there you go Mr. Bomb, there you go. You are totally the bomb. Perhaps an old bomb, as you hint but a bomb (I personally beleave that each child you have adds an extra five years on to your actual age, so think about that).

  2. Da Bomb! Child, I'm old enough to be your mother (well, if I had got busy really early) and I really don't like you making age-ist comments because that reflects badly on we "older folks". So, you are totally tubular, you gnarly dude! Bitchin'!

  3. Hehe. Isn't saying you're old enough to be my mother ageist as well? Check mate.