Friday, June 15, 2012

God Approves of Birth Control

Ray Comfort, aka, Banana Man, put out a video a long time ago about how a banana proves the perfection of God's creation.  I keep going back to this video to get a hearty laugh whenever Comfort Boy begins to make sense - er - okay...he never makes sense.  He's as dishonest as a used car salesman.  Snake oil would be too good for him.

Aside from the easy refutations of his banana argument (which have been around for many years on the interwebs), I realized a key principle that he missed:

If the banana is a perfect example of God's creation and it is the primary tool used for teaching men and women how to slip on a condom correctly because of it's perfect size, shape, texture, taste, and smell (okay okay, not texture, taste, and smell...I just got carried away with copious lists like Ray does, which does nothing more than show his irritated audience that he knows how to barf out words to cause your eyes to glaze over), then God approves of birth control.

Who knew?!

P.S. Not to mention, if God's creation is so perfect, what's up with the orange!?  And why can't I suck on a porcupine!?

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  1. Doesn't God approve of non-barrier birth control? Of female barrier birth control? I had no idea God was biased in favor of condoms, but, oh well. You can't argue with the divine plan! ;-)