Friday, June 22, 2012

God Loves You...If You're a Tree that Bears Fruit

I'm not joking.  In Deuteronomy 20:10 - 20, God tells the people of Israel to kill everything that breathes, in some cases, or to just kill all able-bodied males in the cities he gives to "his people" - then steal all the women, kids, animals, Ouija boards, and Vicodin.

Then, in verse 19, god says, "don't cut down the trees that bear fruit".  What is the reason?  Because you are not besieging the freaking trees...just the peeps.  Kill the peeps, keep the trees - unless of course, the trees don't bear fruit.  Then slice and dice 'em.

There is so much here that is wrong.  But, suffice it to say that God cares more about trees than he does you, once you get on his bad side.  And getting on his bad side is pretty much up to his interpretation.  In this case, the people were merely in the wrong because they were squatting on land that that god wanted for "his people".

God is a god of love - if you're a fruit-bearing tree.


  1. IC, don't you get that war-mongers were writing that stuff to get the people to be okay with genocide? God had nothing to do with that, any more than God actually led George Bush to invade Iraq. It's just something people claim because it sounds way better than, "this is what I want to be done; go do it". If you say "this is what God wants done" and people buy it, well then, you've got yourself a war.

    1. Yes! I completely understand that. 100%, actually. But, these types of posts aren't directed toward that obvious conclusion. They are meant for the people who try to claim that God is love despite these sorts of stories AND lay claim to the Bible as literal and perfect and inspired by their God.