Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do Baptists Hate Cats?

Yeah.  That is the coolest Goog search of the day that led someone here.

I grew up Baptist so I'm an expert on this one.  I hate cats and I own two and they love the crap out of me.

So...yes and no.

That should cover it.


  1. (giggles)

    I wuv my kittie and my doggie both!

  2. I really really hate cats I don't wish them any harm but I wouldn't have one at home for anything in the world I love Dogs , Dogs invented unconditional love Cats invented Unconditional Allergies,God made Dogs and He spelled his Own name backwards, the Devil made cats and when they are black and cross on your way they bring you bad luck, Dogs are angels directly from heaven , Cats are demons directly from hell !!