Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ray Comfort: Bad for Christians, Good for Skeptics

This post will be appreciated by Christians who believe in a pure and unadulterated salvation message where you can "come to the cross" as you are and be accepted by the one you choose to believe in, Jesus Christ.  It will also be appreciated by skeptics that desire to be shown proof of God's existence before they run to him out of fear.

Ray Comfort, aka, Banana Boy, was asked the following question:

"If God was so obvious, why has he not revealed himself to all of mankind where there would be no question that he exists?"

Ray's answer:

"If you wanted to see the queen of England, you wouldn't snap your fingers and say, "Queen, come here!"  No, you would humble yourself, clean yourself up, and then request an audience of the queen."

For the Christian:  Ray is saying that, in order to come to God, you must be cleansed.  Unfortunately for Ray, this doesn't work for the message of salvation.  If we're all sinners anyway and have no way of cleansing ourselves without Christ, how much more can we then cleanse ourselves to make us good enough for God so that he can reveal himself to us in order that we might believe?

Jesus said that ALL can come.  Not just those that are clean.  He is the one that would cleanse the new believer anyway.  This is the same argument that started me down the path of rejecting Bill Gothard.  His 13 step process to cleansing the reprobate mind and then his follow-up commentary that said we could then be saved.  That was the antithesis of what I knew as the biblical message of salvation.

Ray Comfort is bad for Christians.  He will cause you to feel guilty every second of every day.  And, if you don't fit into what he considers the right Christian mold, he will force you to doubt your status as a Christian. 

For the skeptic:
Um...the queen I can see.  God I cannot.  I don't need the queen to reveal herself to me as actually existing because I can reach out and pinch her as she passes by in her carriage.  On the other hand, the only revelation I have seen of God is my neighbor's burnt toast the other day.  In it, I saw the Holy Grail and it looked exactly like the real one in that Monty Python epic.  I even heard the choir.

When are people going to stop listening to Banana Boy?  He's bad for Christians and good for skeptics.

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